Fuel Up Fridays

We Will Pump Fuel For You!

We Will Pump Fuel For You!

Gas station pump banner panorama. Man filling gasoline fuel in car holding nozzle. Petrol price. Close up.

Every Friday in April & May! 

8:00am – 11:00am 

With the spread of COVID-19, we understand the last thing you want to do is touch a gas pump. We want to keep our customers healthy so we are offering to pump your fuel for you!

How it works 

  • Pull up to pumps 1-4
  • Our sales associate will greet you wearing an orange vest
  • Give the associate your Rewards Card and Credit Card to process payment
  • Let us know what type of fuel you want
  • We will fill you up and get you on your way! 
panoramic shot of cheerful woman sitting in car and giving credit card to worker at gas station

Fuel Up Fridays is for complete fuel ups only.

All payments will be run as a credit. No Cash transactions.

(Customers can pre-pay inside for a pre-determined amount with cash or card if necessary.)

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